Sunday, September 14, 2008

00094: Pass

The results are in, and miracle of miracles, I passed the Kansas Bar Exam. I didn't think it was possible after all we'd been through this summer. I really didn't study the last 3 weeks before the exam. It's all very surreal right now. I just regret that my mother isn't here to share the news with. There will be plenty of wonderful moments in our lives and they will seem a little less sweet without her. This was certainly one of them.


Amanda said...

Congrats Earl! Of course you passed, we all knew it would happen. I guess you won't be needing that portfolio after all... ;-) Way to go!

Doug said...

Way to go Earl. Now I have a favorite new lawyer, and I'll go easy on the lawyer jokes. Great seeing you the other day. Looking forward to having lunch and catching up soon.


Earl said...

Thanks to both of you. Amanda, I still may be in touch for a portfolio, only now it will be on my terms--not the bar exam's terms.