Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Aimee and Ryan Walkiewicz

It was a great weekend for the entire family. In addition to Aimee and I being sworn into the Kansas Bar and swilling champagne well before noon on Friday, we added a new member to the family on Saturday.

Ryan Walkiewicz married our oldest daughter Aimee at Danforth Chapel. They met in law school and even though she vowed never to date a law student, they are now married and living in KC.

We're elated she picked such a great guy (to go with our other great son-in-law, Alan Martinez), although as a Red Sox fan, I'm not entirely sold on Aimee's pink Cub's hat (Ryan is from Chicago via Portland and Boston). When we all gather at the dining room table now, instead of me being outnumbered 4-1 by women, the score is now women 4, guys 3 (Alan, Ryan and I). If you toss in the two cats and Kelsey's boyfriend, it's 6-4, guys on top. I'll post Eli Reichman's wedding pictures when they become available.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

00094: Pass

The results are in, and miracle of miracles, I passed the Kansas Bar Exam. I didn't think it was possible after all we'd been through this summer. I really didn't study the last 3 weeks before the exam. It's all very surreal right now. I just regret that my mother isn't here to share the news with. There will be plenty of wonderful moments in our lives and they will seem a little less sweet without her. This was certainly one of them.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

All quiet on the western front

The past month has been a mixture of mourning and waiting. It's really been an emotional grind. The bar exam results for Kansas are not yet out. Apparently, the folks in Topeka "got a late start" grading them this year, or at least that's the third-hand rumor I heard. Maybe they just lost them. After being in newspapers for 20 years, the seeming lack of respect for deadlines endemic to the legal profession is quite galling and it gives the profession a black eye in my opinion. When/if I receive the results, I'll know what I'll be doing professionally. At least for now. Until then, the waiting continues.