Friday, June 8, 2007

Making the grade

Well, the dust has cleared and the grades are in. With two years down and one to go, I am exhausted. And exhausted from worrying about my GPA. In a few years it won't even matter. However, because we are our GPAs in law schoool, a lot of psychic energy is wasted worrying about grades. For the record, I had a very nice GPA with both surprises AND disappointments. Not major surprises or major disappointments, but surprises and disappointments all the same. But then again, that's life.

I had a little time to myself today, so I spent it looking at old images and making a few prints. There are 2 images from 1996 that will always stay with me. I shot them in Ireland while on vacation with the family. Enjoy.

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Doug said...

I absolutely love your "sheep on the hill" image. It's one of my alltime Earl faves. It would be great to see some of your images from the second(?) trip you made, too. I remember you brought some of them by my office one day.

Good luck with your final year of Law School. You should get a nifty little compact camera and document your final year.