Saturday, November 29, 2008

Border War and BBQ

Since 1981, I've had a bet with one of my best friends, Dan White. Dan, is a Mizzou grad. I am a KU grad. We met while working at the Kansas City Star as photographers. The bet is for a rib dinner and it is based on the KU-Mizzou football game. The person whose school loses--in my case, KU the past two years--buys the other person a rib dinner. Well, I just paid off my debt for 2007 last weekend, and have been square with Dan for a week. I fear that at about 3pm today, I'll be on the hook for another rib dinner. You'd think that a school with Mark Mangino as coach would not allow me to lose on the bet. He would probably need to be a beneficiary, and that would be more than I could afford. In hopes of sending positive BBQ mojo to KU today, I post a few images from a recent year in which I was the one enjoying the BBQ, not paying for it.

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